Common Terms Used in Web Design

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common terms in web design

As a newcomer to the web industry perhaps one of the first hurdles you will face is trying to figure out the everyday jargon or terms being thrown around. Here, we tackle a few common terms used in web design to help keep you in the know!

Here Are Common Terms Used in Web Design

To a first timer the sheer number of words could be off putting and mind numbing. While you may be eager to learn as much as you can, interrupting conversations for clarifications on terms might not be the best way to understand what is being spoken about. If the tech lingo is getting to you in meetings then read on for our list of commonly used web design terms.

Back-End Development
The job of engineers who work on the “backend of a website” is to take concepts that have been developed into prototypes and write code. It is this “code” that is written that makes the website functional and includes the necessary data. In order for a website to be uploaded with content, the back-end developer will develop a system known as a CMS or “content management system”. The CMS allows owners of the website to manage the content on the website and offers a platform to update the content themselves.

So a bit more on Content Management Systems – as mentioned above, CMS is an online platform that is built specifically for website owners. Here, individuals can log into a system and either edit or add content to predefined sections on a website. By using the content management system, editors of a website can also control the appearance of the website. The editors can build new web pages or add new images and so on. There are also open source platforms that offer website templates that come with their predefined content management systems. You may have heard of some of the more commonly used ones such as; WordPress (very popularly subscribed to by bloggers), Umbraco, Joomla, Episerver… list goes on.

Here is another acronym that you may have come across – CRM which is short for Customer Relationship Management. This is another system which is  designed to keep a track of customer information and details. The system will be entered with details such as contact information, or in the case of new customers – prospective customer details. The system will include the service history of the customer and the type of sales associated with the customer.

Development Languages
For those  who work in website development, you are required to be fluent in development languages. Just like any language, these development languages have their own set of rules and their own type of syntax. You may have heard the names of some these languages; PHP, Linux, C++, ASP and many more. Similar to spoken languages, each programming language has its own syntax and language rules.

These terms used in web design will give you a direct map to make certain your web domain is as optimized and effective as possible.