Great Reasons To Get Creative

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April 17, 2018
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A creative drawing of a woman

A drawing of a woman

For most of us, life is full, demanding and constant. And too often we forget why love getting creative and the richness it brings to our existence. If you’re a once a month scribbler, a weekly painter or work as an architect, there are a huge number of reasons to keep being arty or making the time to do it more often.


Problem Solving

There is no manual mode when getting arty, just like there isn’t for life and its challenges. Bumps in the road and tests during your lifetime are part of the journey and are unavoidable. However, when you make creativity a practise in daily life, you are constantly learning new inventive ways of solving problems in your creation, and you can also use these skills in life.

Finishing a puzzle

Solving a task

Community Connection

Enjoying the passion of creativity allows us to connect with others who also feel the same. This could be by tips and suggestions, debates of our favourite artists or something as simple and enjoying an art class together. This sense of connection is extremely nourishing.

Drawing at an artclass

People at an Artclass

Expression And Sense Of Self

Your own creativities are often completely authentic. As we paint, sculpt, build or design we also learn much about ourselves, our thoughts and beliefs. The longer we spend being creative, the more we notice our conducts, desires, and longings. Having creative ideas and allowing them to flow naturally without interruption or enquiry allows us to express ourselves and create raw and real designs.

Ladies Eye being painted

Artwork – Painting Eye



There is no right or wrong way in art.  When creating we are giving ourselves the freedom to produce whatever we wish. Allowing us to try something new, risky or very out there, or perhaps the same drawing you have drawn 1000 times, the choice and imagination is yours.

A painting of a flying bird

A flying bird painting


If you love the arts but are not putting aside the time, now is your opportunity to change this. Weather it’s an hour a week of painting at home, or that pottery class you keep missing find the time to enjoy being creative and reap the rewards.