Great Ways to Inspire Creativity Within Children

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A pallet of paints

Paint pallet

Here are some great tips to help your children enjoying getting artsy and creative.  

Child Painting

Paint on child’s hands

Let it get messy. Make an art corner, put sheets on the floor and move anything important out the way. Allowing your child to create freely without the concern for keeping the area clean and tidy.

Ask about the process. Children love to show off their work, so ask them how they created it step by step.

Don’t give direction. Instead of giving them a task or tips, just give them the raw materials and let them create. This will allow them to go with whatever feels right and natural.

Let them be alone. Often when younger children see their parents easily drawing something, it can reduce their creativity and inspiration, sometimes making them frustrated.

Pop on some music. Give your child a pair of Kids Headphones and allow them to listen to their favourite songs whilst enjoying getting artsy. Snuggly Rascals provide ultra comfortable and cosy headphones for children. So pop a pair on and let your children get lost in their world of creativity.

Specific compliments. When your children show you their artwork, instead of giving them generic praise, pin point a specific thing and chat about it. For example, ‘I love the light blue colour, why did you use it?

Leave it be. When a child has completed his or hers artwork, try not to suggest any add-ons or variations that could be made. If its black and white, it can stay black and white.

A crayon drawing

A young child creating

Being artistic is brilliant for kids, so it is great to make an environment for them to be inspired and creative whilst enjoying getting messy and having fun. If you would like to aid your children’s creativity through music then check out Snuggly Rascals Kids Headphones. 

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