Protect the Online Aspects Of Your Design Business – Cyber Security

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protecting the online aspects of your business

One of the greatest misconceptions in business is viewing the product as the greater picture when in reality it is the foundations that enable the product to even exist. And there is no greater example in today’s society than the online aspect of business. Everything is done online and now there is a threat to businesses all over the world from cyber hackers. There is no 2 ways about it, you get hacked and important information is breached, your business is done. This is why even Design Businesses need Cyber Security.

Protect the Online Aspects Of Your Design Business – Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

Take PGI for example. PGI are a Cyber Security company who soul purpose is to protect your online data. In its most straight forward term, they protect personal information both that of your staff and your clients and Bank Information. They way they do this is by first running Penetration Testing to see where your online data can be breached and then build walls around these vulnerabilities to compact a fall online protection strategy.

How Do Hackers Breach Data?

Hackers have highly developed systems that run algorithms on basic security setting such as a password. They can run through millions of possibilities a second and keep the system running until they find a match. Once they are in, they are in and everything is then accessible to them. Your data and that of your clients which of course, is completely catastrophic. But this is just the basic form of hackers, the ways in which they operate leaves even the professionals behind. Governments and companies like PGI are always playing catch up because hackers are always developing new breaching systems which naturally they do their best to keep a secret.

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What could Happen if You get Breached.

Quite simply, they will have access to important information and will turn it into a profitable commodity. Imagine getting hold of one of your clients bank information. They can then turn into every aspect of that clients life, they might not even be interested in using their money, they could find very important personal information on that client that could be used for other horrible uses. It is almost unbearable to think what the result would be on the reputation of your company. They is no way to hide such devastating news and with such a dirty footprint on your business, it is likely that future potential clients will avoid using your services. Putting you out of business.

There is no consideration process which is needed nowadays. We must all have Cyber Security implemented which is why so many establishments use the services of Cyber Security Companies such as PGI.