The Key To Great Design

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November 20, 2017
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Why Being A Freelance Designer Is Great
April 11, 2018
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Creating brilliant design is much more than just inspiration or a top idea, it’s about knowing the essentials of the subject. Although it’s possible to list hundreds of points to consider, there are a handful of basics that every designer should distinguish before commencing any project. Even beginners in design or people who just enjoy it as a hobby can use these next few tips to create beautiful looking piece.

Understand Your Audience

The quickest way to efficient design is to understand your user. Too often, designers will attempt to create something without this fundamental information. The issue you have here is that designing takes a deep understanding of the customer or user so without it you will produce an average design at best.

Before beginning, ask yourself questions like – who is your customer? (Details). What is your user’s priority? Why do they need this product? – When answered, the process of designing becomes much more stress free and effective.

A mans audience

The Audience


On beginning your design, it is very tempting to get carried away with finishing touches and over-elaborate designs. Some of the most simplistic designs that have been well thought-out are some of the most brilliant. Keeping a basic yet effective design will ensure you produce a sound and impressive product.


Simple Design


Is your product going to achieve its original goal? For example, when designing a garden bench, it can be visually pleasing, comfortable and created from the most expensive of materials, but if it breaks apart under the weight of a person, then your product and design has failed.

Poor architecture

Broken Building

Perhaps it’s time to change your approach, or perhaps you have already mastered these points, if you so you will agree that they are the fundamentals in design and by beginning any design with these key points, you will be well on your way to producing some fantastic design.