The Top 3 Reasons To Become An Architect

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Here at Spencer Studio we support pursuing a career of design and artistic flair, a job where you are excited to go to work and love what you do. For many people with a passion for design, becoming an architect is the perfect life time job. So we have put together just a few top reasons to go for it and follow your career as an architect.


  1. Lifestyle Living

    When you love design and especially architecture, it is more than likely always on your mind, whether it’s a walk through your village, a city break or just a day dream, you’re thinking about it. As something you are passionate about, this makes your job so much more enjoyable, so you are enthusiastic and excited for each new project.

    Florence Buildings

    Florence Architecture


  1. The Freedom To Design and Express

    When starting a new project we are given an outline and direction for the design. An architect with a good reputation, will then be left with the freedom to express, and create within these boarders. The difference between deigns from a group of architects who have been given the same framework is highly impressive.


    Architectural Drawing



  1. You’re The Boss

    Once you are a qualified as an architect you have the freedom and skills to go freelance or perhaps run and own a successful company. When you have built a good report with companies and proven reputable you soon will be turning work away. You can then call the shots on what size, type and budget of jobs you agree to take on.

    The bosses desk

    A desk


There you have it, just a small handful of reasons to become an architect, there are many others that I have not explained, including the financial benefits, freedom to travel and the great demand for professionals in this field.