Why Painting Can Be Great For Your Health

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Abstract Painting

Colourful Painting

These days we have such demanding lives, being overstretched by work, busy social calendars, or constant family schedules it can be so difficult to just stop and take time to be creative. But if we give in, and take the time off to enjoy an artsy painting session, then we will be sure to secure some brilliant benefits.  



If you can, spend an afternoon painting, or even just a short session being creative. Just sitting back, getting into your old painty clothes in the comfort of your own home or an art class can be great for your Health. It allows you to have some important down time and enjoy an afternoon without the pressure and weightiness of day to day life.

Employers are starting to realize the importance of relaxation, and have begun to reach out to Mental Health Training experts, such as Clearfocus to ensure their staff members relieve stress and gain and sense of well being. Experts encourage individuals to explore their passion for creativity and find time for themselves.

Three Relaxed Women

Three Happy Ladies


Concentrate On Something Else

A painting session is often the ideal way to take away your focus by getting lost in the creative moment. We can often find it hard to switch off our busy thoughts, whether it’s from mentally preparing your week, unnecessary worrying about your children or stressing over small things. An arts afternoon is perfect for just giving your racing mind a few hours of rest.

Colourful boat painting

Painting of a boat


Emotional Outlet

Many people will agree, that in our everyday lives, we often have negative feelings stored up and allowing these to build instead of letting them out can have a damaging effect on your well being.  Producing a colourful or abstract painting can be great for lifting your mood, or perhaps a dark and elaborate creation will help release negative thoughts and energy.

A painting of an unhappy woman

A painting of a lady


There it is, just a few great reason to give yourself that much needed break, grab a hold of that paintbrush and get expressing. If you are a business or company owner who is interested in the well-being of your staff members, check out Clearfocus Mental Health Training.